We created a concept combining the two brands MOU soup and Roskilde festival. 
The video was created in collaboration with Peter Benjamin Klestrup and Christina Jensen.

Project Mou concept - group assignment
Client The Danish School of Media and Journalism           
Role Storytelling, compositing, grading  
Software After Effects, Photoshop

Interactive installation 

An interactive installation at "Den sorte diamant cph" made in school with Christina Jensen, Anders Poulsen, Peter Benjamin Klestrup and Trine De Florie.

Project Interactive installation at the Black Diamond in CPH
Client The Danish School of Media and Journalism
Role Cinematography, production design, concept
Software After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, 7D

Museet for samtidskunst

I samarbejde med Christina Jensen og Peter-Benjamin Klestrup, skabte vi en visuel identitet for Museet for samtidskunst.

Project Visuel identitet for Museet for samtidskunst / - Group assignment 
Client The Danish School of Media and Journalism           
Role Animation, Compositing, grading, Graphic design
Software After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator

Future lions

Our entry for Future Lions 2012.
Concept by - Christina Jensen & Cecilie Anita Clausen.

Project Pedigree - Bring me home
Client Future lions competition
Role Storyboarding, concept, cinematography, editing
Software Canon 7D, After Effects

C4D animation

My first assignment in C4D - small ident. 

Project School project 3D
Titel 3D ident           
Client DMJX
Role Animation & 3D

Small animation of a heart - made in C4D and after effects. 

Project Heart in C4D
Titel Heart 3D         
Client DMJX
Role 3D & Animation